Creative Bridal Solutions - Waiting and Waiting

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My mother placed a order with CBS over 4 months ago!The order has not been shipped but they sure did take her money!

The shop owner does not respond to emails. The email address on the web site is bad along with the phone # listed for them. I had to contact the shop owner via Etsy who did answer my message (1x) and was VERY RUDE in her response. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE!

I'm shocked this lady still has this site up and taking orders which she can not fill! I really hope the brides out there who have placed ordered get the product or a refund.

If neither happens we need to take legal action to get our money back!!!AGAIN DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE!!

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Creative Bridal Solutions - Delivery not as promised

Lost Creek, West Virginia 6 comments

My daughter recently placed an order with this company to purchase a ring bearers pillow and flower girls basket. The items are quite unique and we searched for someplace to get this item.

Today is Wednesday and the wedding is Saturday and we still do NOT have these items. Yes, I am angry as we have been in touch with Adrienna from this place and she did not deliver on her end. Even if the item gets here Friday, this is unacceptable and cruel.

My daughters wedding is costing upwards of twenty thousand dollars and this is the ONLY glitch we have had. These items were almost one hundred dollars! Wouldn't you want to deliver?

I DO NOT recommend to anyone, unless you order a year in advance.

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:sigh I placed a order on 6/19/2013 and to this day 10/19/2013 I have not received my order, how long does it take to make a F.....g guest book with a few shells on it?Once Adrienne replied to my numerous emails that I've sent to this company...

My wedding is very, very close and I want my guest book or refund my *** money, this *** is really ridiculous!!Next I'm calling BBB...

Mayfield, Kentucky, United States #704260

I placed an order on April 19th for the Skull and Roses Halloween Wedding Card Box and it is to be shipped to my daughter who is getting married in October.The email given on the website is useless, the emails come back as deliverable.

I have been sending messages on the "comment" section daily and no answers. My daughter has been sending daily emails through Etsy and also no answers This is the second item I ordered from them. I had to pester them for the first item, Skull and Roses Halloween Wedding Guest Book. I ordered that in February and my daughter received it in June.

I understand this is a home based business, but act like a business. I don't care that there has been unforeseen circumstances.

Ship my order or refund my money.After this, I will not trust any business posted on Facebook.


wow..this sucks..i placed an order in july 2012 an still havent receieved anything.i spent over 300 dollars.

There also not responding to any emails.great,this is all i need.

to tiffany porcelli #666871

You did receive your order. Didn't you??

to Justme Elmhurst, Illinois, United States #707926

No :( I'm the bride responding to the above comment and the 2nd part of the order has not come! We ordered a gust book which came and the card box DID NOT ship yet! But the lady sure did take my mothers money!


:cry This is not what I want to see on the net about these people!I have been in contact with them since Jan/feb for a April 28th wedding..

They have been good about responding within an hour or so from any email I have sent.. I am now 10 days from my wedding date and still have not received my $320 purchase from the company....

Did you get yours and Did you get it on time?I ask because now that we are down to 10 days I have sent them another email asking bout the delivery and have not heard back from them yet...

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